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We sincerely believe we represent a meaningful section of our citizenry who have, over the last 18 years, witnessed a definite switch in the name of democracy from a Judaea - Christian monotheistic worldview to the current liberal; social or in certain instances a neo liberal agenda & secular humanist ideologies peddled subtly by the mainstream parties in government. These parties, in our view, espouse ideologies (wholly and or partially) such as:

- neo liberalism & this new ‘open society’ strategy that incorporates: atheism, humanism, nihilism, evolutionism, naturalism, scientism, materialism & secularism, polygamy, masquerading themselves as democrats whilst pursuing a pseudo egalitarian agenda;

- Hegelian, Marxist, dialectical materialism; communist & socialist agenda;

- universalism; syncretism; paganism & traditionalism linked to animism;

- totalitarianism; utilitarianism; pragmatism; hedonism; feminism; environmentalism and various other philosophical ideologies and beliefs that are anti Biblical and anti Christ;

To this end, we predicate our principles on a very clear Christian conservative approach which has GOD at the centre of what we say, do, act and represent. However, we DO Not advocate a Christian Reconstructionist and or dominion theology and or theonomy belief system as to how Government should function and be managed. Our approach as fallible humans in a secular and evolving world is take our cue and direction in terms of our conduct and behavior from the Holy Scriptures, ie to Think & Act Biblically.

As a political party we submit to GOD’s inerrant Word in that: All Governments are ordained or ordered by GOD….. For rulers are Not a terror to good works but to evil….. and we must heed this for conscience sake. Further, we need to submit to every ordinance of man for the Lords sake. (Romans 13 v 1 &ff)

We Do Not subscribe to and neither do we encourage our people to participate and or incite in demonstrations, protest actions and marches as this is Not in accordance with GOD’s Word and is unbecoming and unbefitting of us as Christians. The Holy Bible clearly tells us in 1 Peter 2 v 13 and ff that we are to ‘submit to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake: whether it be to the king as supreme; or unto governors, as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well. For so is the will of GOD, that with well doing you may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men: as free, and not using your liberty for a cloak of maliciousness, but as servants of GOD. Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear GOD. Honour the king’.

Pursuant to this, we strongly oppose and reject all forms of:

- any fraud; nepotism; corruption and any laws that are anti-theistic and are aimed at or seek to become a ‘deception and or a yoke or a burden’ to our citizenry and to our members & which are against our Christian beliefs.

We commit ourselves to always engage with whichever Party is in power, both nationally and provincially, in an orderly manner befitting us as Christians.

To this end, we place on record that we are Not afraid neither are we embarrassed of our faith and our beliefs as Christians. Pursuant to this, we submit and recognize that:

1. The Bible is Word of the Living GOD to man and is GOD’s written revelation to man given to us by the Holy Spirit.

2. The Bible is the Only Infallible & Inerrant Scripture on the earth today to guide us in faith and practice.

3. The Lord we serve, ‘Jesus Christ is the Only Lord, the Only way the Truth and the Only Life’

We believe that there is Only One living and true GOD, an infinite and all-knowing Spirit, complete and perfect in all attributes.

As Trinitarians, we believe in GOD the Father, GOD the Son & GOD the Holy Spirit, each equally deserving worship and obedience. We place on record our belief and proclamation that ‘Jesus is Lord’ and is Creator of the world and everything in it, including the universe.

Whilst we understand the democratic principles as prescribed in our Constitution, we place on record that we are Not afraid to stand up and oppose all and or any anti biblical constitutional prescriptions and or laws propagated &promulgated by the government of the day, such as:

Abortion on demand; changes to the definition of Marriage; promotion of homo sexuality &same sex marriage or unions. As Christians we believe this an abomination and is un Christian; unbiblical & is against oracles and precepts of GOD. These practices are also an abomination to the other monotheistic faiths as well, in this instance Islam and Judaism.

We endeavor and will continue to interact with and lobby government and influence and persuade them to pursue policies and programs that bring about:

Respect for the law; Tolerance & respect towards each other; Antifraud & anticorruption programs; accelerated community & economic enhancement programs; easily accessible & affordable & professional health care, safe environment in our communities; easy and accessible welfare & social services for all our citizens, in particular impoverished communities.

We strongly feel that whilst the majority of our people are currently affected by the social and economic injustices of the past, we feel it is un acceptable and is an injustice to witness many of our people languishing in poverty and unable to make ends meet;

We beseech Govt as Christians to urgently address the shortage of adequate housing and infrastructure; high costs of education & the dire shortage of economic opportunities in this new dispensation.

Furthermore, we Do Not subscribe to this new ‘equal & open society’ ideology propagated by some in the name of democracy as we feel it is fallacy to think an equal and open society can easily come about whilst our people continue to experience the many disproportionate socio-economic imbalances in our country today.

Similarly, we strongly advocate a philosophy that says: Our people need to be liberated spiritually first through sound doctrine and then liberated educationally & socio economically’. Our view is the social ills experienced in society today are as a result of the secular; pagan & humanist beliefs and principles peddled by anti-Christ’s in the name of liberty and democracy.

What is worth noting is, despite having been liberated politically from the system of apartheid and noting that we have one the best Constitutions in the world, regrettably, South Africa has still Not achieved the economic parity; ultimate protection of its citizens & the true bliss our people longed for and dreamt of post new dispensation.

Sadly, crime, fraud & corruption is still rampant and is now a norm in our society.

- Poverty, HIV/AIDS is still endemic, unemployment and or joblessness is still on the agenda 18 years into freedom;

- we still have a huge housing backlog that is Not going to be wished away overnight but is going to take many, many years to correct. Therefore, we will continue to witness growing demonstrations and violent and unruly civil unrest taking place in the country.

We strongly believe these acts of lawlessness and lack of tolerance and respect are the symptoms and manifestations of an ungodly society and or a society which pays lip service to GOD.

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