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The initiative to form the People’s Alliance was started by the first President, Victor Jacobs and colleagues in Johannesburg in 2007.

Sadly, as a result of Victor’s poor & regressing health condition, the present Leader, Mr Samuel H Kennedy, was elected in 2009 to take over the leadership of the Party.

Since then, we have been travelling across South Africa, in particular, the eastern, western & northern Cape and Gauteng communicating with various Leaders across the many towns and cities preaching our vision and our message to the various communities. Pursuant to this, we have also identified regional and local leadership and communications structures, in preparation for the various Regional Conventions leading up to our National Convention with the aim of chartering a very clear and explicit strategic plan and program of action, in preparation for the forthcoming National & Provincial Government elections in 2014.

Whilst this has been a demanding exercise, we remain positive and confident that our message is resonating within the Christian churches and the religious communities alike.


Our Vision is: WE ARE INSPIRED BY GOD to do HIS work on this earth until the second coming of our Master when HE returns for us in glory.

We believe Jesus Christ is our Saviour; Our Redeemer; Our Helper; Our Provider; King of Kings; Lord of Lords; Ruler & Creator of the Heaven & Earth & everything in it.

Our aim & objective in politics is as outlined in Scripture which sayeth’ how then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? (Romans 10 v 14)

We believe we are the ‘Voice Of Reason’ for South Africa given the subtle racial complexities and prejudices, South Africans have against each other.

We believe our role is to be champions & protagonists for the cause of: Nation Building; National Reconciliation & National Unity across all sectors of our society.


We believe our role in politics is to: Use the public platform & the corridors of power to preach Jesus Christ the Saviour & the hope of the world; the message of the Cross; the resurrection;

We believe our role in the political landscape is to: bring the good news as described in the Holy Bible to all levels of Govt through the preaching & teaching of the Word; by allowing ourselves to be used by the Holy Spirit as vessels to bring good tidings to a dying world; by focusing on spiritual & or emancipation of the soul before political liberty.

Given the subtle racial friction & intolerances we encounter in our country, we believe our role is to: preach & encourage tolerance; respect for each other; godliness; show & tell through Biblical precepts & commandments;

We believe, given the liberal & social/Marxist/communist agenda peddled by others, GOD will prevail and as such we must, as Christians, Not shy away, neither be afraid Nor be embarrassed of the vocational call GOD has bestowed upon us by ‘going into the world (politics included) emphasis added, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: (KJV) teaching them to observe all things whatsoever HE has commanded us: and lo He will be with us always, even unto the end of the world’. Amen. (Matt 28 v 19 & 20)

We believe therefore that we ‘wrestle not against flesh & blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places’ and therefore we need to take the whole armour of GOD…….. and having done all, to stand’. (Eph 6 v 10 &ff)

We believe as a result of our strong conviction predicated on the Holy Bible, we accept we may Not be the popular Party.

We believe our mandate is also to equip & empower our Leaders with Biblical tools so they can ‘study to show themselves approved unto GOD, workmen that needeth not to be ashamed, handling the Word of truth, skillfully’ (1 Tim 3 v 15)

We believe we are required to ‘Preach the Word; be instant in season, & out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine ie: We need to preach the Word All the time which includes the corridors of Govt. (I Tim 4 v 1 – 4 KJV)


As Leader of the People's Alliance, let me place on record my sincere appreciation to the many Friends & business Associates of mine who embrace a religious worldview different to mine, viz, my Muslim & Jewish Friends. Our faiths agree that Abortion & homosexuality is an 'abomination unto GOD.

Our faiths also agree there is Only One Supreme Being & Creator of heaven & earth. We however are Trinitarians, believing in God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

Whilst we differ sharply religiously, we share one commonality, ie we all embrace the Judaea - Christian, monotheistic faith.

These Friends know us as principled Leaders standing up for Family values; reverence to God & peace; prosperity & justice.

A very special thanks & appreciation to these very special Friends once again.


We thank you most sincerely for the time taken to peruse our website.
We trust you will be encouraged by our Vision, principles and values.

We look forward to your feedback and support.

From All the Leaders of People’s Alliance
With our warmest regards to you and your Family

GOD bless You
SH Kennedy

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